BD Through Governmental Affairs

For over a quarter-century I have been establishing key relationships with state, county, and municipal officials, high-level agency department heads, regulators, and legislators in New Jersey. Over that time I have developed a vast understanding of the politics that shape public policy. I provide my clients with a government relations advocacy role and offer them access to the people, the practices, and the protocols that help move projects closer to completion while controlling costs. With a keen understanding of the regulatory compliance process and the people who implement it, I help my clients navigate public bureaucracies in order to pursue their specific interests with the right decision-makers. This creates opportunities while attempting to solve potential problems. I negotiate on their behalf and establish productive partnerships based on each client's unique issues and ensure those interests are conveyed when decisions are being made; provide a detailed understanding of the decision-making process which includes insight and access to the political alliances, party structures, and community organizations that directly impact the decision making process; and assist in creating strategies that will sustain the momentum necessary to generate results and present the information needed to make the proper determinations by the government agencies/commissions and local public entities involved with my clients' projects.

BD Through Strategic Marketing

In today's competitive environment it takes a lot to win new and maintain existing business in both the public and private sectors. The key components in reaching and sustaining profitable growth goals are having a comprehensive business development plan and an effective marketing plan in place that have clear functions and objectives. My business development and strategic marketing consulting service is the bridge between my clients' products or services and the needs of their potential customers both current and prospective. I start by understanding their needs and intended objectives. From there I use their help and cooperation in setting a plan to target a particular market or markets. I then develop a program that will positively communicate their brand and value proposition. This program requires a steadfast commitment from internal stakeholders, thoughtful creativity, consistent implementation and a coordinated effort between me and the client.

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